Live: second semi final in Slovenia

by Marcus Klier 141 views

The second semi final of EMA 2008, the Slovene national selection for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest is about to take place. You can watch the webcast by following the link below.

Live coverage by Gil Laufer.

1. StereotipiNaravnost v srce

Arock song. the band includes a lead singer, two guitarist, a keyboard and a drummer. And there is a female backing singer. One of the songs that could be called "nice", but probably not one of the favourites tonight.

2. Rebeka DremeljVrag naj vzame

Rebeka is a favorite of this year's EMA. she took part in EMA 2004, 2005 and 2006. She wears white and sings a poprock song. With no doubt she will qualify tonight as she is very famous and beloved in Slovenia.

3. TianaPovej!

She sings a power ballad in a white-golden dress. She has 4 backing singers in black. Classic Eurovision Song Contest national final stuff.

4. 4PlayDJ

The band 4Play is made of 2 boys and 2 girls. the song DJ is an uptempo song. They're all dressed in silver and black. There are two backing singers with them on stage, the song is very catchy.

5. Halgato BandNomadi

It's an ethnic power ballad. The 4 band members are wearing orange shirts and black pants, there are two backing singers on stage.

6. Neza Trobec Prav ti

This is a ballad of violins, piano and drums. Neza wears a long black dress that's falling on the floor. She holds a doll of a child in her hand and along with her there are two backing singers on stage.

7. IrisPeti element

This entry starts like a power ballad and continues as an ethnic song. Iris wears a black long dress and the two dancers come and remove it, to reveal a red-golden dress. Another 3 dancers-singers joined the performance.

8. Brigita Suler Samara

Birgita is playing the piano for a while and then going on stage. Another ethnic power ballad.The singer iswearing a white dress and so her four backing singers, there is another girl in black playing on a violin.

9. Eva CerneDovolj

Evacame second in last year's EMA. The style of her song is the same like last year and she's wearing a black-golden dress and so her four backing singer. There is a dancer boy in white shirt and blue jeans.Many accessories are used in the performance – black sheet, fans.

10. Male maliceSpam

It is an a capalla song like Latvia's in 2006. The band includes four men, it's an unusual song. They also act during the performance.

All songs were performed, interval now and we are waiting for the results.

Prediction (songs to the final): Rebeka Dremelj, Eva Cerne, 4Play, Iris, Neza Trobec.