Live: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2008

by Marcus Klier 164 views

The Danish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest is about to take place. You can watch the webcast by following the link below.

WEBCAST (The show will also be available later)

WEBCAST (direct link)

The show has started.

Live coverage with Roni Klein.

So here we are…finally the Danish MGP will end tonight.

1. Come on overHassing & Hassing

The performance is still very simple, in the same style as by Fame for Sweden in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, but with black clothings instead of white ones. This is a Europop song as classic as it can be in a Scandinavian national final and likely to do well tonight.

The guy appearing on the screen was Martin Brygmann, a comedian and singerbest known from the danish band Det brune punktum.

2. All night longSimon Mathew

Simon now,…will the second preformance be the unlucky preformance?! Many people like this song, but it could happen that Denmark makes a similar mistake as Sweden did last year. Vocally, Simon is flawless and the performance is simple but works well with the song.

3. LucianoAmin Jensen

Amin Jensen, whoactually is perfoming in Tivoli / Copenhagen the Danish hit musical Olsen Banden has taken a break to be with MGP 2008. The tune of the song is very intersting, especially the guitar, but the lyrics are nothing special at all. Nevertheless, it could do well.

Now Søren Rasted (from the band Aqua) is talking about writing songs… he is saying that it takes many trials to have a hit song.

4. Until we're satisfiedKendra Lou

This ist the first entry that qualified through the wildcard selection. THe stage performance is almost the same as in the semi final, but Kendra is now wearing a more dramatic red dress. This one of the songsof the highest and if this year is going to be the year of ballads, this song surely deserves to be with in the contest of Belgrade. Big reaction for Kendra Lou… do you remember that a wildcard won last year?

5. Tree of lifeUNITE

This is the most modern song tonight. is in Philipinnes, Arabian and English and the major musical influence seems to come from the orient (which is not at all reflected in outfits). The song sounds very intersting but the voices and the harmony doesn't really fit. The performance is still as simple as it can be and could be improved if this song goes to Belgrade.

The audience is hot tonight! Martin Brygmann is trying to write a hit song tonight… while sitting in the green room.

6. Hooked on youLasse Lindorff

This is the second wildcard, chosen by the listeners of Danish Radio P4. This guy somehow reminds of the performanceby Jacob Sveistrup (which is a good thing)… probably means it hasgot something. The performance is very simple but effective while the vocals are very strong but a bit over-the-top towards the end. A charismatic performance. Lasse has actually improved on his performance…for example: He didn't do "funny faces" as in the semi final.

Now the singers are trying the skills in Serbian… not so well…

7. Den jeg erCharlie

Charlie comes directly from the semifinal. She is a 23 yo girl but there is also a cute guy with the guitar. If she goes to Eurovision,Terry Wogan would probably announce her asa "charmingyoung ladyfrom Denmark". The vocals are very good and Charlie looks a bit different tonight wearing a more classy outfit.

Now singer Anna David is sitting in the audience and saying that the singers have to enjoy the experience of tonight.

8. Josefine & Lars – Sweet memories of you

It's time for more Europop. The vocals and the stage performance of the couple are a bit better and less half-harted than in the semi final. There is very much clapping and a red thread is missing in the song especially because of the performance.

9. La' mig væreThe Dreams

Quoting the songwritters "song nr 9 it is not a typical ESC song,". The band and the song remind very much of Andorra's entry in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. They look alike and the hookline is similar to Save the world. The band comes from the Faroe Islands and it is highly likely to score well because the Faroe Islands are going to vote!

And finally last song after the ridiculous child captures. So far, the favourite among the audience is song number four.

10. Spanish soulSandee May

An Amambanda flashback? – Well, it's a different tune, not similar to the Dutch song, just the three background singers look just like Treble. Sandee is dressed all in black tonight. The vocals are ok but not spectacular and the overall performance is not very authentic. The sense of the lyrics is hard to understand, overall a rather strange entry. Nevertheless, one of the favourites tonight according to thebetting odds.

Anna David is now on stage singing Den lille pige (The little girl). The next song is Chill. One of the dancers was a backing dancer for Denmark in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens.

Martin reveals that the song he is writting is in a ESC genre. The next break performance comes from Jammie Scott & The Town.

The lines are closed.

Martin's song is done, he is trying to sing it now.

The results are in and about to be revealed.

Simon in the lead after the first vote.

Simon is still in the lead.

Sjælland gave 12 points to song number nine.

Simon Mathew won the national final.