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Rosman Pace will be taking part in the Malta Song for Europe semi final tonight, January 24th. After three participations in MSFE in previous years, Rosman will try to make his fourth attempt the lucky one by performing Love is just the way.

An interview by Alex Keech

For our readers across Europe, please can you give a brief overview of your singing career so far?

I have been in the music scene since I was very young however in the last few years I have managed to widen my horizons and apart from performing in Malta, I have managed to perform in various other countries, such as Latvia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Bulgaria, and many more. Each occasion was unique and a great experience in itself. However, more details can be found on my website .

What are your favourite Eurovision songs/ Moments of all time?

A very good question for me to answer as I am a big fan of Eurovision, I have quite some favourites but just to mention a few Daniela from Croatia 1998, Edita Gorniak from Poland 1994, Jan Johansen from Sweden 1995… It’s better if I stop cause I have quite a few and I’m sure that if I start mentioning I will never come to an end.

What did you think of the Serbian winner of Eurovision 2007, Marija Serifovic?

I think it was an excellent entry by Marija Serifovic she showed that she is powerful in her vocals and that is one thing I really admire in an artist. The song was fabulous too so I guess it was a justified result.

How many times have you entered the Malta Song for Europe?

This is my fourth time in the Malta Song for Europe and each time it is very challenging as the Malta song Festival in Malta is very much loved and followed by the Maltese public making it the biggest show in the island.

Why did you decide to enter the Malta Song for Europe?

As I already mentioned I’m a big fan of the ESC. It was always my aspiration that one day I will be the one, to represent my country.

Last year we saw you fail to reach the Malta Song for Europe Final, with Rollercoaster Ride, how did you feel at not getting through?

I must admit that I felt a bit disappointed especially for the fact that I placed 7th overall and placed very high with the jury in semi finals, but all in all it was a fantastic experience.

What’s your favourite song in the Malta Song for Europe this year?

This is quite hard to say as I have not heard all of the songs yet.

Your song Love is just the way is a very powerful, soulful ballad, popular among our readers, could you tell us, the meaning behind the song, and how you came across it?

I’m really glad and happy that my song is popular amongst your readers. Love is just the way is in fact a powerful, emotional and modern ballad. I still remember that particular occasion watching TV and seeing the negative and upsetting things happening around the world, it seemed like everyone was thirsty for power to reign. So words just started flowing in my head and I went to my keyboards and started adding the melody to my thoughts and these feelings created this song which a short while later I recorded and produced in the UK. I wrote this song to pass a positive message to everyone and in fact to prove my point I named the song for the message that I am trying to pass and that is that Love is just the way. So far I had a positive feedback and I’m really delighted and happy that I wrote this song.

If you win Malta’s ticket to Belgrade, what will be your plans, on the road to Eurovision?

Well if I win the contest with Love is just the way, a song which I really believe will really appeal for the mass, I will in deed try to do my best to be a good ambassador for Malta.

Finally I would like to thank you and all the team of Escmalta and also send all my best to all the fans of ESC across Europe loads of hugs and kisses. Rosman xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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