The Jeronimas Milius interview

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Jeronimas Milius won the first Lithuanian semi final with a song about two nomads in the night, a man and the moon. Looking like a figure right out of the Pirates of the Carribean he captured the attention of the Lithuanian public and will be now competing in the final on 2nd February. Jeronimas spoke to's Arvydas Makselis about himself and his music in his first Eurovision interview outside Lithuanian borders.

Is the Eurovision Song Contest an acceptable way to represent and to express the music you love?

Of course it is. I don't care if it's Eurovision Song Contest or a rock festival. The most important for me is to sing the song that I love. And I think my song Nomads in the night is good for this kind of contest. Anyway, we all know that “Eurovision formula” doesn't exist anymore. A new year – a new formula.

What result did youexpect when you participated in the first heat for the Eurovision Song Contest?

Actually I went there to sing my song and to do my best. I didn't have much time to think about the result because it have a complicated song to sing, I just wanted to be satisfied of myself. I didn't think about any result.

Have you watched the contest on TV before?

I can't say I haven't. I was watching the contest withgreat excitement when Lordi and LT United participated, that was an interesting competition. But I'm not a big fan of this contest. If I have time or if I'm out with my friends and Eurovision is on TV – I don't miss it. But I just watch the finals, I care about the final decision, the semi-finals are not interesting for me.

Tell the readers what is Nomads in the night about and how did you come to write this song?

First I got the music written by my band's mate. And then I had an idea to write the lyrics about two nomads – a man and the moon. They both support each other and they understand each other very well.

Saules Kliosas and Aistė Pilvelytė are the veterans of national Eurovision Song Contest finals. Do you see yourself competing every year to win a ticket to Eurovision?

I don't think so. This year's contest is a big adventure and a personal challenge for me. I'm an artist from another music world than Eurovision is.

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