Finland: Previews on Mondays

by Ilari Karhapää 114 views

YLE has published a part of their Eurovision schedule for this spring. There will be previews of the songs that will participate in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest selection on radio and internet as in previous years, as well as specials on TV. The previews will be in three parts and the countdown show also returns with three episodes. Lyrics will be published on YLE�s website on 28th January.

The preview shows will air on Mondays on Radio Suomi at 17.15-17.45 in Finnish and will be available on the Internet right after it finishes. They will also have the preview program in Swedish Fridays on Radio Vega at 13.45-14.00.

Finland's semi finals will be broadcast on radio and internet as well as on television. The shows take place on Fridays, February 8th, 15th and 22nd.The shows will be live on television on YLE2 at 20.00-20.50 and repeated on Saturdays on YLE2 at 19.00-19.50 (reprise). The shows will also air live onRadio Vega at 20.00-20.50.

Semi final 1: 8thFebruary:

  • Hanna MarshBroken flower
  • Kari TapioValaise yö
  • Movetron Cubido
  • CrumblandPleasure

Semi final 2:15thFebruary:

  • NinjaBattlefield of love
  • Kristian MeurmanJos en sua saa
  • JippuKanna minut
  • Mikael KonttinenMilloin

Semi final 3: 22ndFebruary:

  • Jenna Sinua varten
  • Christal SnowCan’t save me
  • Vuokko HovattaVirginia
  • Teräsbetoni Missä miehet ratsastaa

Second Chance Roundand Final: 1st March 2008

On Friday 1st February, YLE2 will air Eurovision 2008: ATH-HEL-BEL at 20.00 and the show will be repeated onSaturday 2nd February on YLE2 at 19.00-19.50.

In April-May there will be three video previews shows as well as three episodes of Eurovision Countdown talk show launched last year. YLE will also broadcast both semi finals and of course the final.