Last weekend: a review

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A few days ago, we could enjoy the first “big” national final weekend in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest season. Six shows in total were held all over Europe – from Cyprus to Iceland. For those who missed some of the shows, here is a review on what happened.


The first semi final of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix was held in Stavanger. From the six presented songs, the televoters decided that they wanted to see the ballads Am I supposed to love again by Veronica Akselsen and Ándagasii by Ann-Mari Anderson in the national final. The latter entry is the first song sung in the Sami native language thattakes partin the national final. The Tinkerbells and Podium will compete in the "last chance" round with their entries Hold on and Lystgass while Michelle, who was one of the favourites among the readers according to the reactions and Nicholas Carlie, the favourite in the hall regarding the applause were eliminated.


The Cypriot national final was held on Saturday. Evdokia Kadi and her song Femme fatalewon the national final with 104 points, only four points ahead of Eurovision Song Contest veteran Marlain Angelidou. The show was also a special moment for as Cyprus' 2007 entrant Evridiki was awarded with her award as Best act not to qualify from the semi final you voted for! Furthermore, the winners of the Best dressed and Worst dressed awards were presented during the show.


Another nordic country has kicked of its selection: the first semi final of the Dansk Melodi Grand Priy 2008 was held. Unite, Amin Jensen, Ann-Marie & Claus Hassings and Charlie have reached the national final to be held on 2nd February. Nevertheless, the other four acts that have not qualified don't have to worry at all since they are going to entre the second chance round to be held on Danish radio. Last year, the later winner DQ had to qualify through the second chance.


Lithuania has kicked of its search for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest (this year, the national selection seems to be less complicated than in recent years!) with twelve music acts performing one song each. After a very long show, Jeronimas Milius, Vilma Voroblevaite, Justas Lapatinskas and Laiptai qualified for the national final on 2nd February where they will join Aiste Pilvelyte and Julija & Girma, who already have a fix place in the final.


The Swiss entry Era stupendo by Paolo Meneguzzi was presented for the first time during the SwissAwards show on Saturday. The Italian ballad was very well received by the readers of


After no less than eleven quarter finals, the second chance round in Laugardagslögin was held. From the three competing songs, the televoters chose the song Hvar ertu nú? by Dr. Spock instead of the ballads Boys and perfume and Bigger shoes. The winning composer Dr. Gunni was the only composer of the nine invited by RÚV that had no entry among the final twelve. The song joins the other eleven entries already chosen for the four semi finals to start this Saturday.

New feature

This weekend saw a new feature on Rather than logging into the homepage as usual, we put up a screen so that readers had the choice to find the online streams of the shows and watch them before viewing the homepage with all of the results from shows around Europe. The reason for this is to prevent fans from seeing the results before they have had a chance to watch the show for themselves. From now on, if you are watching a live show, and don't want to know the results from around Europe until you've seen the shows, or you are out and want to find the streams online the next day without being told the results.

Stay tuned for a preview on what will happen this weekend.

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