Spain: Giuseppe, Miryam, Edurne and a week full of news

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The Spanish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is getting quite a good deal of attention by the country’s broadcaster RTVE, which is indulging the fans with abundant coverage about Amanecer, Edurne and how the preparations of the entry are going. But also the rest of the Spanish press is turning its eyes on Eurovision. Giuseppe di Bella, the dancer who will be on stage with Edurne in Vienna, was interviewed by the newspaper ABC, and it could pull some information in the process…

In the week that is close to ending, the Spanish broadcaster RTVE has started a very special coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and the song that Edurne will interpret in Vienna as the representative of Spain. The special weekly program Edurnevisión started last Wednesday on, and once a week until the Eurovision week it will cover news about the Contest on-line, its participants and the songs, with special attention to the Spanish entry and its singer. The first installment saw the presentation of symphonic version of Amanecer, but it was grandly dedicated to the preparations for the staging of the performance in the Wiener Stadthalle. For that, the dancer Giuseppe di Bella and the choreographer Miryam Benedited were at the studio.

Giuseppe di Bella and Miryam Benedited; TVE.
Giuseppe di Bella and Miryam Benedited; TVE.

Miryam and Giuseppe spoke of the feedback they are receiving about the whole project for Amanecer, the support they are receiving, the fans’ thoughts… And they answered the questions that the fans posted through Twitter.

Of course the staging is the main concern of the fans, and quite cryptically and in a teasing manner Giuseppe and Miryam gave hints, but did not reveal too much… Mic, tiara, movement were a few words that they pronounced but did not necessarily put in a whole meaningful sentence… What they said clearly is that the ideas are in place, but things remain open. And if there is something that the choreographer is sure about, it is that the staging must match the song. I don’t want to do things just for the sake of doing them even if they don’t go with the entry.

Edurne; TVE

What Edurne will be wearing is well taken care of, but Giuseppe’s clothes (or the lack of some of them…) had not been touched yet. The topic was raised by the questions from the fans. And the dancer let out that a top has not been picked to date

Giuseppe di Bella had already spoken to the Spanish newspaper ABC about Eurovision, the staging and a bit of himself in an interview that was published earlier during the week. There he expressed one request: if we win, I deserve the fast-tracked Spanish citizenship!

He also recounted how he got into dancing by auditioning for backing dancer in the talent show Operación Triunfo in 2009. Miryam Benedited was the show’s choreographer at the time, and the one who chose Giuseppe when he auditioned then. She changed my life, Giuseppe sentences.

Speaking of life changes, Giuseppe explained how he came to Spain for with the Erasmus program barely speaking any Spanish. He was second in the list for taking the available spot in Madrid (his Spanish skills did not help him then, as he confessed), but the student who was to spend the year in Spain could not make it eventually, and he was given the chance. Giuseppe had some difficulties with the language in the beginning. No one would imagine that these days, as he speaks Spanish more than fluently and with not a hint of a foreign accent.

About Amanecer and its staging, Giuseppe could reveal that the company Gestmusic is taking care of it in a quite a structured manner, with one person managing each part of the performance.

But, what is it going to look like? As the dancer said, the performance will tell a story in such a way that even those who don’t speak Spanish can understand the lyrics. I will not be the protagonist of the staging, I am just an instrument for passing the message.

One more thing seems to be already fixed: it will be two people on stage, with no backing vocals, in principle, although this has not been fully discussed, Giuseppe said. He believes that backing vocals (even out of stage) are not needed. Many people think that backing vocals stir the emotions… Amanecer is going to move the audience with something else…

Spain will be represented in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 by Edurne with the song Amanecer. The dancer Giuseppe di Bella will feature on stage with a dancing routine by Miryam Benedited.

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