Live: Iceland second chance show

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The second chance round of the Icelandic selection for the Eurovision Song Contest is about to take place. You can watch the webcast by following the link below.

This article will be constantly updated.
The show has started.
1. Margrét Kristín SigurðardóttirBigger shoes (Margrét Kristín Sigurðardóttir)
The stage performance has been changed since the semi final. While Margret is still playing the piano while singing her entry and wearing a very classy black outfit, the candles and the background musicians have disappeared and are replaced by a single dancer all in white, probably dressed up as a ghost. Or an angel. Or something like that. The lyrics are indeed creative: "No bigger shoes bring you further, no taller man love you more…"
2. Hafdís Huld ÞrastardóttirBoys and perfume (Hafdís Huld Þrastardóttir)
The second ballad tonight. Boys and perfum is another song with very good lyrics. The performance hasn't been changed since the quarter finals, but Hafdis looks completely different – like Marilyn Monroe. It has to be said that fashion-wise this is probably the best Icelandic show so far.
3. Dr. SpockHvar ertu nú? (Dr. Gunni)
Now we can see what happens if Kid Rock is your fashion Idol. THe outfits have slightly changed since the semi final, but who would know? The song is both a ballad and a rock song and overall really strange. Dr. Gunni is the only composer of those nine who have been invited by RÚV who has no song in the semi finals yet.
Stay tuned for the results.

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