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The first semifinal of the 2008 Lithuanian preselection for Eurovision Song Contest will kick off within a few minutes. Twelve competitors will fight tonight to win one of the four tickets to the final. The winners will be decided via televote and jury vote at a 50%-50% split. Also, one of the wildcards, Julija Ritčik (Lithuania 2007) and Girma will perform their song To my soul, already qualified for the final. You can follow the show by clicking on the link below (LRT live streaming, external link).


The host of the Lithuanian selection for 2008 Eurovision Song Contest welcomes now the audience. The show has started! Rolandas Vilkončius is explaining how the Lithuanian selection system will work.

It seems that LRT has wanted to recreate the Green Room in Eurovision. All the artists are there. The host is introducing them to the audience.

Time now to introduce the members of the jury, whose vote will represent 50% of the final decision. The other 50% will be in the hands of the viewers. After each performance, the jurors will give their opinion.

The performances have just started!

1. Justas LapatinskasMuziką garsiau!

Justas's proposal tonight is in the line of modern pop-rock style. Despite his good vocals (not as good in the case of the backing vocalists), the overall outcome is not very impressive and the refrain becomes a little too repetitive in the second half of the song.

2. Kaštonai The farmer's daughter

Guitars, accordions, backing singers dressed as saloon dacers… The Far West has arrived to Lithuania! Judging by the tune, The farmer's doughter can be called a country-style song. Nevertheless, it's very far away from Texas Lightning's No no never in 2006. Not for Eurovision but… who knows?

3. Cisco kidOne million euros

Girls dressing golden outfits and a musician sitting on a chair like a maharajah (the millionaire?) waving his arms are maybe the most impressive features of this act. The performance seems not to be very good, but the song is catchy. Maybe because it makes us dream of having one million euros?

4. Onsa What's wrong

Onsa play the rap act tonight. The vocals both of the leading singer and the backing girls are good and fit this musical style. Maybe this is the best performance so far. We've already said that Eurovision is unpredictable. Could this be the year when the rap will triumph?

5. LAIPTAI – Aš rasiu

No doubt, the hardest entry tonight. LAIPTAI's song is between hard rock and heavy. Quite similar to last year's Czech entry Malá dama, performed by Kabát. Maybe after Lordi's victory in 2006 and the sharp fall that this style suffered last year, this is not the best moment for a new attempt.

6. Eglė LokytėMessage in the sky

The first ballad in tonight's show. Eglė appears very elegant, dressing a black outfit. Her vocals are quite good and the performance is well done and glamourous. This act has been the best so far, and the public shows it with a big applause. One of the hot favourites tonight.

7. Gyvai Paukštis

After LAIPTAI, Gyvai is the second hard rock group tonight. Overall, the performance as well as the leading singer's vocals are good and stuck to this kind of music. The guitar solo is remarkable as well. Good song, but maybe it's still risky to send a rock song to Eurovision, although Paukštis is much more melodic than Aš rasiu.

8. Buzzer'sTell me

This group has chosen variety for dressing tonight. Variety in styles and colours. Regarding the song itself, it could be classified as a soul style song. The vocals of the leading singer are strong and well combined with the backing voices. Nice tune. Let's see if Buzzer's are able to persuade the Lithuanian public and jury about their quality.

9. Vilma Voroblevaitė Vakaras

Vilma, very casually-dressed, offers a ballad tonight with some ethnic features. Maybe the main problem in this act is the weak vocals of Vilma. Big problem because the previous performers have sung at a high level. But the tune itself, quite different from the traditional Eurovision style, could give good results to Lithuania.

10. Asta Kairytė Man vis tiek

The public warmly welcomes Asta, so that means that we are watching one of the favourites this evening. The song is rhytmic and catchy. Probably we are listening to the most pop-styled entry tonight. Asta is wearing a black suit with a white shirt. Maybe not very appropiate for this kind of song.

11. Wake Up Don't stop me

The second ballad tonight. The backing singers are all dressing in black, while the leading one is dressing in a less sober way: in red and black. The tune is pleasant and the leading vocals are well stucked to the backing ones. Beautiful song but forgettable, it can drown amongst other more powerful entries.

12. Jeronimas Milius Nomads in the night

Jeronimas is the last one of the 12 hopefuls tonight. He is performing a powerful ballad, and his vocals are quite strong and impressive. No doubt, one of the best voices in tonight's show. His dressing style resembles a pirate, with black trousers, white blouse, and even a scarf tied to his belt. Also his long hair reminds of Jack Sparrow.

It's time now for a recap of all songs. To vote, send a SMS with the number of your favourite entry to 1605. You have 20 minutes to cast yourvote, until 22.20 CET.

In the meantime, more live musical performances (off contest) are taking place.

And the results are finally out:

Jeronimas Milius, Justas, Laiptai and Vilma Voroblevaitė qualify for the final.

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