6 Singers for Montenegro final

by Benny Royston 117 views

More details emerged this evening about the Montenegrin national final that will select the country's 2008 Eurovision Song Contest entry. RTCG, the Montenegrin broadcaster, has announced the way the country�s representative to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest will be selected. Last year�s Montenegrosong format is abandoned and a new one is introduced.

Six singers will participate in this year’s Montenegro preselection for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The public will first choose the singer that they want to represent the country. Once the performer is selected, several songwriting teams will be commissioned to come up with a number of songs for the artist to take to Belgrade.

It had been reported in some places that Milena Vučić was to be named as the Montenegrin representative for this year's competition and her song would be announced on February 23rd. This has been denied by RTCG.

Monetengro will make its second Eurovision Song Contest appearance as an independent country after last year's debut in Helsinki. No date for the comeptition has yet been announced.