Exclusive: Claudia Faniello on 2008 participation

by Benny Royston 54 views

Claudia Faniello will try to win the Maltese ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest for a third time in 2008. She has had two songs selected to compete at Go Malta Song For Europe, Caravaggio and Sunrise. Tonight, esctoday.com interrupted her visit to a football match to talk about her hopes for 2008 and her entries.

How does it feel to have two songs selected for the finals?
"I am really pleased, I'm at the football match at the moment. I'm speechless! I came to the football to keep calm, but I can't concentrate on the football now! I am just happy and I promise i'll give 100% on the performances".

Is it your year?
"I don't know how to answer that. I wish it is my year, but i don't know. The two songs I have are my favourites from all the ones I've sung before. I have two songs I really believe in and both could be good for Eurovision. They're different styles so the audience has a choice. If it's not my year, Good luck to whoever wins. I'm Maltese, and I'll support whoever goes to the EUrovision and hope they win."

How would you describe the songs?
"Sunrise is a ballad. It's the first time that Malta will see me singing a ballad in the festival. Last year's song was uptempo and High Alert was ethnic the year before that. Caravaggio is a different song, it's upbeat in it's own way, and you'll just have to hear them and see for yourself."

Do you have a favourite?
"Caravaggio signifies my character. It's fun, upbeat and dancy, it symbolises me. Sunrise is a ballad and shows a hidden side of me, so I like them both. They've been written for me. The author and composers know me and work with me, so they helped me find songs that I can really believe in. I'm so excited laughs ."

Do you think it's an advantage to have two songs or could it split your vote?
"It's good for a singer to have two songs because you have twice the chance to qualify for the final. I have to agree that it would be better only to have one song in the final, but I'm happy to have two chances."

Are we going to get an album from you?
"We're thinking about it. We have a number of songs, some that I've already performed, and some new music that we are thinking about. It's still vague and there's no date set, but we want to do it and we're working towards."

What about a duet with Fabrizio?
"I would like to make a duet. I don't just love him because he's my brother. I used to be the crazy fan supporting him, and he's a role model to me. It would be fun to do a duet with him, even if it's not for Eurovision. Our voices work well together and we'll definitely do it soon".