The Marlain Angelidou interview

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Marlain Angelidou competes this year in the Cypriot final for the 200 Eurovision Song Contest with a song of her own, Rejection (Set me free). Marlain spoke to us about her song, her views and her plans.

You said that you are entering with a non Eurovision song this time. I guess after Lordi and Marija Serifovic one can say there is no such thing as a “recipe” for winning the contest but still many choose the beaten track. Would you say Rejection (Set me free) has a chance exactly because it is different?

I think that whatever anyone says or thinks we can all agree thatno-one knows what goes on with this particular competition! Each year the set-up is different, each year the entries are wildly varied and each year a song wins when at least half the people didn’t think it would… Personally I think its crazy but it’s a great event to take part in, especially for the smaller countries like Cyprus. It gives us artists a chance to try something out on an international stage. I would love the chance to stand there and truly give it all I have and all I have learned.

When you decided to enter the run for Belgrade was it because you believed in your song or did you write the song keeping in mind what people would go for? What inspired your song, Rejection (Set me free)? Something personal maybe?

My song was written and produced way before I decided to enter it in the competition, so no, I did not write it specifically with any sort of ‘eurovision formula’. I have been preparing my own material over this past year (it’s been taking ages!) and Rejection (Set Me Free) was one of them. It was inspired by events that had taken place in my life (mostly when I was still in musical theatre) and I just decided to write it down. You see when you are considered ‘different’ in our society then ‘rejection’ is something you face many times. Of course all it does is make you stronger! I thought that the song may have a more global message, one which many will empathize with, so I thought ‘why not send it?’. It’s set to a funk/rock sound that definitely falls into my favourite music genre. It would not be me otherwise.

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