The Netherlands: The Common Linnets on tour with Peter Maffay

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Almost one year since The Common Linnets from The Netherlands achieved an honourable second place during the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Dutch band is still going strong throughout Europe. They are the most commercial successful participants of Eurovision 2014, and after recently adding an prestigious German Echo Music Award for best international newcomer to their list of prizes, they are now ready to join German star Peter Maffay on his tour.

Popular German artist Peter Maffay released his latest album Wen das so ist in January 2014, and will go on on his Open Air 2015: Niemals War Es Besser-tour coming May and June 2015. Joining the renowned singer will be the Eurovsion 2014 runner-ups The Common Linnets. Following their critical acclaimed Eurovision-performance, which won them the first semi-final, a second place during the grand final and two Marcel Bezençon Awards (Artistic Award and Composer Award), The Common Linnets went on to establish an international commercial career throughout Europe, and venturing into the United States. The group, centered around Dutch singer Ilse DeLange, have crowned their popularity in Germany by winning a German Music Award, the Echo, for best international newcomer on the 26 of March 2015. Now The Common Linnets will accompany long-time German musician Peter Maffay on his tour.

Ilse DeLange and The Common Linnets are very proud about joining Peter Maffay during his tour, as they express via Facebook:

YES!! We’re touring with Peter Maffay in Germany in May and June. So excited to be part of this amazing tour!!

Here are the dates for the Open Air 2015: Niemals War Es Bessser-tour, featuring The Common Linnets:

  • 22/05: Bad Segedorf, Germany
  • 23/05: Bad Segedorf, Germany
  • 24/05: Bad Segedorf, Germany
  • 26/05: Oldenburg, Germany
  • 29/05: Mannheim, Germany
  • 30/05: Losheim, Germany
  • 03/06: Zürich, Switzerland
  • 06/06: Schwarzenberg, Germany
  • 09/06: Berlin, Germany
  • 12/06: Hemer, Germany
  • 14/06: Magdeburg, Germany
  • 19/06: Baden Baden, Germany

For more information and ticket sales, click here.

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