Norway: Ibsen inspired the music video for A monster like me

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In an interview with VG, it was revealed by this years Norwegian entrants Mørland & Debrah Scarlett that the video for A monster like me was inspired by the works of Henrik Ibsen, a well respected Norwegian playwright from the 19th century.

We ended on a somewhat Ibsen inspired concept based around a sumptuous dinner table with perfect facades falling. It created a lot of room for nice pictures without complicated pattern of action. Debrah and I would be so cold and callous as possible to create a tension and contrast to an emotional song – which really was a challenge to do, but it worked very well in the end!Mørland speaking to VG

Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) is described by many as the father of modern drama. A few of his best known works are A Dolls House, Hedda Gabler, and An Enemy of the People. During the era of when his plays were written, they were often criticized and seen as scandalous by European theatre. This was because his work studied reality rather than strict morals

During the making of the video, Mørland also mention that due to budget restrictions the video and the song (which is not backed by a major record label) had to made almost voluntary:

We did not have much funds to work with, in that I had produced and released the song even without any record label. We knew that a good video was the best promo we could manage to do on your own, and it all was dragged ashore by much voluntary work from friends and acquaintances –  Mørland speaking to VG

Just a few days ago it was revealed that A monster like me had not reached the Top 20 in the Norwegian charts.

Norway will perform in the second semi-final on the 21 May.

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