Exclusive: Romanian participant Tom Boxer speaks to esctoday

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Tom Boxer, Anca Parghel and Fly Project have already announced they have submitted a song in order to participate in the Romanian national final 2008 that will take place on the 27th of February. Their song is called Brasil and it is a house-pop song with jazz and Brasilian influences sung in Portuguese, English and Jamaican.

Fly Project is a band very popular in Romania while Anca Parghel is an international Jazz singer with lots of albums in Germany, USA even in Korea. Tom Boxer,has spoken to esctoday.com about his life and especially about hisbid for the Romanian national selection with Anca and Fly project.

Cosmin Simionica , as Tom Boxer’s real name is, was born in Craiova, Romania. He studied Law but he never became a lawyer because as he says “he hates this “thing”. Afterwards, he went to London where he worked as a Dj in a famous club andprivate parties and he also worked as a music producer. He had the opportunity to play music for many celebrities whom he knows personally such as David and Victoria Beckham, Jamiraquai and Mike Tyson. After four years in London he came back to Romania and started to produce music and films. He now has his own studio in Bucharest where he produces music together with his friends, Anca Parghel and Fly Project.

Cosmin Simionica, Anca Parghel and Tudor Ionescu (member of Fly project) are the composers and the lyrisists of their song Brasil. They all sing in the song. Anca Parghel is singing the Brasilian chorus, Tudor Ionescu sings the English lyrics and Tom Boxer does the hip hop rapping in Jamaican.

Tom spoke to esctoday.com editor Aris Kalimeris in the first exclusive interview before TVR makes the final internal decision on the songs that will qualify to the Romanian final on 17th January.

Read the full interview here.


Below, you can watch the video clip of Tom Boxer feat. Anca Parghel with the song Zamorena.

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