Author: Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani

Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani

Head of International Relations & Communications

Sanjay (Sergio) joined in December 2006 as an editor. He was appointed as the Head of Press of in 2011. Hereafter in 2016 he was promoted as the Head of International Relations & Communications at ESCToday. Sergio has covered the Eurovision Song Contest live 17 times since 2000, having worked for several international magazines and media outlets.

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Keti Garbi releases new single

Keti Garbi the 1993 Eurovision representative has released her latest single Ta iheia. This new melody and 2 more new songs feature in Keti's re-released album Kainourgia ego (A new…

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Ukraine: Ani Lorak to host JESC

Ani Lorak, the 2008 Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest representative will be welcoming everyone at the forthcoming 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev on the 21st of November. She will…