Spain: The secrets of Edurne’s style, and a bit more…

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The Spanish broadcaster RTVE has asked its representative in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest about her formula to be always impeccable. Her wardrobe, her purse, her favorite outfit… One by one Edurne enumerates her style preferences and tips for showing your best looks.

Yves Saint-Laurent said once that Fashion fades; Style is eternal. Edurne seems to keep this quote in mind every time she is to feature before the public, as she always displays her best appearance and a brilliant face.

The singer had a conversation with the Spanish broadcaster RTVE about her style and how she shapes it.

Her blue overalls at her presentation as the Spanish Eurovision participant was a sensation. But Edurne has her own special garment: a square black lycra dress that she still keeps in her wardrobe, together with her jeans and T-shirts. This casual style clothing leaves room for high-heeled shoes. I’m a big fan of high-heeled shoes, she confessed.

There are things that she likes less, such as shoulder pads, though she recognizes that the fashion of the moment can drive the outfit a bit. About colors, Edurne has no special choice, though one thing is clear: navy blue is not her favorite.

And how would Edurne describe her personal style? Smart casual. That simple, that complex. Jeans and T-shirt are dominant in the picture, but, as the singer believes, if you add a slightly high heeled shoe to that combination you get a smarter style.

Considering all she wishes to carry with her, Edurne needs to have a purse by her. The name Mary Poppins comes to her mind as soon as she is asked about what she carries with her. In my purse I carry some medicines, the cell phone chargers, some sweets to reload my sugar supply

When the question of the beauty secrets and the vanity case comes up, the answer is the basics. You need to keep your skin clean, moisturizing cream, maybe exfoliation once a weekAnyway, I’m not very devoted to that

The Eurovision Song Contest has given some examples of stylish looks. Others not so much, but that can still be a topic for a discussion. And it will always remain a matter of taste. Speaking of taste, Edurne has her favorite style in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Salomé, I’ve said it before, she states clearly. I loved the fringes, the movesIt was spectacular! And what does or did she dislike…? It takes some thinking, and eventually perhaps Rodolfo Chikilicuatre’s vest comes to her mind…

Maya Hansen and José Fuentes are her favorite designers. Why? Well, Edurne is a fan of corsets, and Maya Hansen has created some remarkable examples of this garment. And José Fuentes is the designer of the costumes that feature in the video clip of Amanecer. No more to add there…

When you use so many different attires with so many different patterns and designs, you increase your chances of encountering problems… When she was asked about any problematic outfit, Edurne recalls one dress decorated with small chains on the shoulder straps. The chains broke right before she steeped out on stage before a concert. There was still time for fixing it somehow. But she could not help but keeping the fear of new incidents while the concert was ongoing. If this happened before I began the concert, doing nothing, imagine what might happen while I’m on stage jumping and dancing

Last but not least… What would Edurne take to a desert island? The cell phone… I must recognize it: I’m pretty hooked to it. Then some of my mum’s potato omelette… And music, of course.

Tips and tricks, likes and guilty pleasures (no Spaniard can live without his or her mum’s potato omelette). This is a part of what Edurne likes and enjoys. And how she prepares herself for success…

Edurne will sing Amanecer for Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna this coming May.

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