JESC FYR Macedonia:National Final on 6th October

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The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia will choose its representative for the forthcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest next October 6th. A total of 15 songs are going to compete in the national final, to be aired by the national public broadcaster, MRT. The final decision will be the result of 50% televote and 50% jury vote.

The show will kick off next October 6th at 21.00 h CET on MRT, the Macedonian public broadcaster. Before the national final, MRT has announced that another "beautiful show programme", also related to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, is to be aired at 20.15 h.

15 songs are going to compete in the Macedonian national final with the aim of representing the Balkan republic in the next Junior Eurovision Song Contest, to be held on December 9th in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The Macedonian viewers will have the chance to voting for their favourite candidate. Their vote will represent the 50% of the final decision. The other 50% will be in the hands of an expert jury. There is also an important fact that the Macedonian audience will have to bear in mind: They may only vote by fixed telephone line not by mobile phone or SMS.

The running order of the 15 finalists to perform live on October 6th follows:

1. Sometimes I wish for…- Kristina Kostovska (Skopje)
Music and lyrics: Kristina Kostovska
Arranged by: Aleksandar Mitevski

2. A kiss, a sweet kiss – Devana Georgievska (Skopje)
Music and lyrics: Devana Georgievska
Arranged by: Aleksandar Mitevski

3. Sweet Girls – Iva Zdravkovik (Skopje) & Natalia Jancevska (Demir Hisar)
Music and lyrics: Vesna Siljanova
Arranged by: Trajce Organdziev

4.I'm A Cool Guy – Nikola Trencevski (Dekcevo)
Music and lyrics: Nikola Trencevski
Arranged by: Branko Popcevski

5.Ding Ding Dong – Rosica Kulakova & Dimitar Stojmenovski (Negotino)
Music and lyrics: Rosica Kulakova & Dimitar Stojmenovski Arranged by:
Music and lyrics: Aleksandar Mitevski

6. In the Rhythm Of Two Hearts – Mila Zafirovik (Skopje)
Music and lyrics: Mila Zafirovik
Arranged by: Valentino Skenderovski

7.Let's go to the disco – Tamara Kucukova with Renata Mitevska (Gevgelia) & Mihaela Stojanoska (Skopje)
Music and lyrics: Tamara Kucukova
Arranged by: Dimitar Dimitrov

8.Headache – Natasa Latinovska (Skopje) & Ilaria Kirilov (Kumanovo)
Music and lyrics: Natasa Latinovska
Arranged by: Kire Kostov

9.I don't know what's wrong with me – Nevena Cvetanova (Skopje) & Olja Stojkovska (Kumanovo)
Music and lyrics: Martina
Arranged by: Valentino Skenderovski

10. Be happy – Emilia Langovska (Skopje)
Music and lyrics: Emilia Langovska
Arranged by: Kristian Gabrovski

11.Everyone has one home – Magdalena Mitrovska (Skopje)
Music and lyrics: Magdalena Mitrovska
Arranged by: Aleksandar Mitevski

12. I'm on your mind – Sara Markoska (Skopje)
Music and lyrics: Sara Markoska
Arranged by: Kire Kostov

13. My Music – Maria Zafirovska (Tetovo)
Music and lyrics: Maria Zafirovska
Arranged by: Goce Simonovski

14.Rhythm Music – Magdalena Stoilkovska (Skopje)
Music and lyrics: Magdalena Stoilkovska
Arranged by: Valentino Skenderovski

15.The world belongs to us – Emilija Jusuf (Skopje) & Sara Samardziska (Stip)
Music: Emilija Jusuf
Lyrics: Sara Samardziska
Arranged by: Kire Kostov

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