Morocco to return in the next few years?

by Michael Kuipers 40 views

Morocco is one of the most mythic countries in Eurovision history, having entered only once to date, achieving only a 2nd last place in 1980 with Samira Ben Said's Bitaqat hob. For 28 years we've been waiting for a followup entry from Morocco, but none have been forthcoming. However, with a new Moroccan broadcaster interested in becoming an active member of the EBU, this could change in the next few years!

The Moroccan broadcaster, who is a founding member of the EBU and took part in the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest, is SNRT. After coming 2nd last in the competition, SNRT decided not to enter again. The sole Moroccan entrant to date, Samira Ben Said, has gone on to become one of the most popular singers in the Arabic-speaking world, a position she maintains even now.

However, a rival Moroccan television station, one that is not directly influenced by the Moroccan government, is now interested in joining the EBU. 2MTV has long been a source for free speech and taboo-breaking in Morocco, and is especially popular with the Moroccan diaspora in countries like France and the Netherlands. A spokesperson for 2MTV confirmed that the station is looking to join the EBU, and that a possible return to the Eurovision Song Contest for Morocco is not impossible, should they get the membership.

A participation in the Eurovision Song Contest could be extremely valuable to Moroccans, many of whom feel more European than African – the Moroccan government has even applied for a EU membership in the past. Eurovision could be a chance for people to consider the idea of a European Morocco once again.

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