Interviews with Festivali i Kenges 53: Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija

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Xhejn and Enxhi Kumrija like some of the other participants in Festivali i Kenges 53, are a product of the Voice of Albania. The sister duo didn’t manage to get far in the Voice but surprisingly, they proved to be one of the most stable acts of the Albanian music scene. Well-known for their style, vocal performance and vivid characters, Kumrija sisters talked to about their participation in FiK, their competing song Njeri (Human), the meaning behind it and shared some thoughts on Eurovision and Conchita Wurst.

Hello Xhejn & Enxhi, this is calling! Thank you for agreeing on this interview with us! We would like to begin the interview by asking you why is it that you have decided to go in the music scene as a duo rather than just aiming for solo careers?

Hello! Firstly thank you for offering us this interview. In the beginning our artistic roads were separated until the day we participated at The Voice Of Albania where we had a great feedback as a duo and we found ourselves really comfortable, like a missing puzzle now put together. But of course this doesn’t mean that we will forever continue only as a duo, for example I’m (Xhejn) knitting different projects alone as well, and I enjoy being in both experiences.

Your participation in Festivali i Kenges has become a tradition these past few years even if you’re not active in other music competitions. Why is FiK your loyal choice?

We really love the structure of FiK and for us it’s one of the most prestigious festivals in our country, fully worth to be part of and why not be part of the new history as for example Libohova Sisters were back in the day or different well-known artists who made history in that era.

Even though you didn’t manage to go far in the Voice of Albania, you still left a mark for your style and vocal performance in the Albanian public, which is shown in the support you get! How does that make you feel?

That’s so true. In fact we did not expect that kind of feedback even though we didn’t go that far in The Voice journey. Even nowadays, that’s been almost around 3 years since our participation there, people know us as The Voice sisters! For sure is a good feeling, and pushes us to keep the good work up and give our best.

Your musical genre is characterized by a touch of rock while mostly being alternative pop. Is this song a new sound or is it an addition to the same sound you have had?

Hm, somehow it still has a light touch of rock and alternative pop, but this time has more ballad feel.

What also characterizes your musical choice is the fact that you put a lot of yourselves in it. The song is composed by both of you while Xhejn penned the lyrics. Why the choice to be so involved?

Yes true! For us it’s really important to be into our music, like our soul, our philosophy, our touch. We can’t perceive interpreting something that we got served in a plate from someone else…I mean, the cook can be really good, but how can you eat a food that has ingredients you don’t really prefer or taste as you’d like to taste? Ok maybe this was a banal comparison, but the point is that we are not simply singer interpreters, apart the modesty, when you have the talent to give more from you, why not to profit or fully use it?

Your song is called Njeri. What is the story behind it and what do you want to send to the public with this song?

In English the song is titled Human. The story behind Human in thick lines is about humans rights and discrimination, it’s about a humans’ call to humans for mercy, equality, love and hope…that everybody is equal, despite their color, their social status, their gender, sexual orientation or whatever, they’re all -humans.

Girls, you know that the winner of FiK has the honor of representing Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest that will be held in Vienna next May. How do you feel about that? Are your many tries in FiK a call for Eurovision?

It would be a lie to say that now after 2 years of participating in FIK it’s only for the sake of being part of it. Eurovision is another big privilege to be a part of, an experience that I think everyone who participates in this contest wants to touch that stage and audience.

The current winner Conchita Wurst made quite the noise with her Eurovision triumph and Albania was one of the countries that did not receive her victory well! What is your opinion on her?

Conchita Wurst! I guess “Njeri” has somehow the answer about what we think of her! Conchita with Phoenix nailed it!

Xhejn and Enxhi thank you for your time. wishes you the best of luck in December!

Thank you very much, it was a real pleasure!

Below you can listen to songs by Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija:

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