Mihai Traistariu wants to represent Russia

by Aris kalimeris 41 views

Mihai Traistariu was the Romanian participant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens. His entry Tornerò was a huge success all over Europe and entered the charts in several countries. He now wants to represent Russia in the competition as he thinks that this is “the only way he can win”.

After Mihai’s 4th place in the Eurovision Song Contest, his career soared: Heearned approximately 2,5 million Euros just from Tornerò and from the concerts he gave in various European countries. He is the only Romanian artisttohave his very own "Star" outsideRomanian borders! This distinction was given to Mihai after the success of his entry in Maltaandthat's why a starin the celebrity boulevard in Malta has been dedicated to him.

Last week he declared that he wants to participate againin the Eurovision Song Contest, not for Romania but this timefor Russia: "I want to try again but this time for Russia because they get 12 points from the othereight former USSR countries every year. The Russian song wasn’t so good but that's why it did well. First, I will try to make a career in Russia and then I will go to the Eurovision Song Contest for Russia, this is the only way I can win.”

About Todomondo, this year's Romanian representatives, Mihai declared: “This year the contest was very hard. I think Romania had very hard competitors and it wasvery difficult to be on the top. The performance of Todomondo was very good and everything went as scheduled." Mihai Traistariucurrently working onthe production of his new album that will be released during the summer and will also include his latest hit Dimmi si o no and a new song that will be partly in Chinese.

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