Sweden: Carola, Ola Salo and Orup to take part in Så mycket battre

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TV4 has revealed the line up for the fifth season of Så mycket battre. The show will feature former Eurovision winner, Carola, Ola Salo, The Ark’s front man, and Orup, among others.

Så mycket battre (So Much Better) is a successful show running for five years in TV4, Sweden’s largest commercial TV channel, which features several artists living together for a week. Each artist has their own episode dedicated to themselves and during that day, the other artists present their versions of the featured singer’s songs.

The line up for the fifth season includes:

  • Amanda Jenssen – Idol 2007 runner up
  • Orup – composser of the 2004 Swedish entry, It hurts, and longtime collaborator of Lena Philipsson
  • Ola Salo – front-man of the rock glam band The Ark (ESC 2007)
  • Carola Häggqvist – winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1991 and Swedish entrant in 1983 and 2006.
  • Kajsa Dawned – singer, guitarist and half of the duo Kajsa & Malena.
  • Love Antell – lead singer of indie rock band Florence Valentin
  • Johan T Karlsson – electropop star

The show has proved to be a success in Sweden, winning the Crystal Award for Entertainment Show of the Year in 2011, 2014 and in 2013, over the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Many singers such as Lena Philipsson, September, Agnes, Darin, Laleh, Magnus Uggla and E-Type has taken part in Så mycket battre in the past boosting their careers after that.

Lena Philipsson & E-TypeLena Athem 

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