Actually: Eurovision goes West!

by Benny Royston 112 views

Despite all the talk of East Vs West at the Eurovision Song Contest this week, it should be noted that Serbia's victory moves the contest further west than it has been since Copenhagen in 2001.

Since Denmark's victory moved the competition to Copenhagen, the contest has been held in Tallin, Riga, Istanbul, Kyiv, Athens and Helsinki. Belgrade, should the capital city once again host the Contest next year, would be the furthest West that the Eurovision Song Contest has been held for 7 years.

Belgrade's map reference position has a longitude of 20.32 East, further west than any host city in the last six years. It is also the first time since Copenhagen that the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the Central European time zone, with a 21:00 local time start of the show instead of 22:00 as it has been since 2002.

So, despite the political/neighbourly/diaspora voting issues, is the Eurovision Song Contest actually making it's way back to Western Europe after all?

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