We apologise for going down (again)

by Benny Royston 60 views

The esctoday.com team would like to sincerely apologise for being off line for much of this morning and early afternoon. Despite the additional five servers donated, the site simply could not cope with the amount of traffic coming onto the site.

We did all in our power to protect esctoday.com from crashing, however the demand for our website was simply too high during the peak times early this morning after the Eurovision Song Contest ended.

All six servers crashed due to being overloaded and we could not access them to return the site to the internet for several hours until demand fell to levels where we could access the site.

The team worked through the night and all day to try to find a solution and restore the site, but it took several hours more than we had hoped. We will continue to search for sponsors and additional solutions to cope with the demand for next year and hope that you will continue to support us in our quest.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and everyone on the team at esctoday.com are delighted that so many people visit our site. We would like to thank all of our readers and wish them all the best for the new Eurovision Song Contest year.

The team are already planning for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, and there will be some important changes that we are looking into. We will explain more about this over the next few days and will be asking for readers to send us their views and ideas.

the esctoday.com team

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