Kelly Family: “We were tricked!”

by Oliver Rau 465 views

The Kelly Family, who ended fourth in the German national final 2002, are seeing themselves as victims of a conspiracy. “We were totally tricked.”, Joey Kelly told in a recent interview with teen magazine YAM! Despite this, the band wants to take part in future German finals.

“What happened to Corinna�s record? Nobody bought the thing anyway. But our song hit the charts immediately.”, Joey said in the interview. Right after the German final in March 2002, hundreds of outraged Kelly fans spammed the guestbooks of various ESC fan sites with similar complaints, saying that they were not able to televote for the Family, regardless of how often they tried. Concerning their small but totally fanatic fanbase, the Kelly Family were hugely tipped to win the German final, but in the end they came only fourth while Corinna May won the contest.

This has not stopped the band from planning to come back to the Contest: “We will come back. We have already lost one time. That means, the next time we can be cool and perform without any pressure, just for fun�”. They also told that they will stay true to their musical style (folky, romantic ballads): “I'll look as an imbecile if I�d now try to become an R�n�B queen.”, female lead singer Maite Kelly said.

The musical family, which has American and Irish roots and also lived in Spain for a long time, faced major success with platinum-selling albums and sold-out concert tours in Germany in the early 90�s after they have to sing for money on the streets of German cities for a living in previous years. Two months ago, the Kellys have lost their father and long-time manager Dan Kelly.

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