First song of German final known

by Oliver Rau 63 views

Tobias Schacht, otherwise known as Der Junge mit der Gitarre (DJMDG, The Guy with the Guitar), German newspaper�s FAZ entrant to the national final Countdown Grand Prix, revealed more details about his participation on his own website. The song he is going to perform is called 'Die Seite wo die Sonne scheint' ('The side where the sun shines'), the singer describes it as “quiet and unobtrusive”. His father is going to accompany him on the piano at the final.

On his weppage DJMDG, Schacht writes a log, where he shares his thoughts and experiences with his fans. This week, he wrote about what led him to take part in the German final. He states: “Today, the Grand Prix stands for two directions. On one hand, there is the Schlager fraction, which reinvites themselves since 40 years with the ever same clichées. Ideal World forever. Consent with everything, but no backgrounds please. The antipole is represented by the fun fraction. They negate everything, are disrespectful and playing the jester. They are using the same clichées, only from another side.”

He says that end of last August, German newspaper FAZ asked him to be their representative. He asked for one week time of consideration. “In this week, I thought a lot about which kind of song I should perform there. Should it be something provoking to shock everybody or better something beautiful?” Finally, he made up his mind and decided to “add something unobtrusive and quiet to the event. The song follows the tradition of �Meer sehn�. It�s a very simple song, that neither glosses over nor negates. It�s a statement, nothing more.” So far, the song is not available on Kazaa.

Schacht is very happy that his father has decided to accompany him on the piano. “For both of us, this is a new and surely unforgettable experience. Thus alone, I cannot loose anything there.” The singer claims that his participation in the national final is not symptomatic for his further career and that he sees it as a “study. Should I really win, then God help me!”

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