What's in the colour of the rose

by Steve Holyer 43 views

When Bonaparti.lv comes on stage, Kaspars enters alone carrying a single rose. In the previous rehearsals the rose was always red. We noticed in the last rehearsal today that the rose was white. Which colour rose will the Bonaparti.lv generals use tonight in the semi final?

The guys are apparently still trying to decide which colour of rose to carry.

A red rose symbolises love, beauty, courage and respect. A white rose symbolises purity, and innocence as well as youthfulness. Of course a white rose may also standout better for TV cameras.

Will there be any other surprises on stage. A few weeks ago we emailed Roberto and asked him if they might build a robot on stage.

Roberto answered, "No, no… We are borrowing Cosmos’ robot. But we cannot decide yet how we are going to exploit it. The ideas are that it could either row the gondola in which we could arrive to the stage or make some pizza on the stage while we are singing, or it could serve Italian wine to those who sit in the first row… Yeah… hard choice!"

Later we met the Bonaparti.lv guys and Roberto told us in a video interview, that instead of a robot they would build the Colosseum on stage.

Knowing the Bonaparti.lv generals they still might find a way to surprise us.

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