18. Playing with contrasts: Karolina's show takes form

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Karolina Gocheva's stage performance is really coming together now, with contrasts playing a big role in the show on screen – contrasts of movement, light and music.

The stage styling is now settled after the multiple options played through in the first rehearsal. The stage is a sea of stars in black and white, on top of which float green ripples. Karolina and the team on stage start in line, silhoutted before the stage floor fills with white-lit dry ice for the first verse. As the song moves on to the chorus, the stage becomes a busy field of movement, which quickly subsides for the second verse.

Playing with contrasts
This play between the calm, slow verses and the kicking choruses continues throughout, Karolina herself occasionally taking part in the choreography with her male dancer. It all translates very well onto the screen, with soft fade cuts and sweeping shots giving way to hard cuts and wide stage tableaux as the lighting bursts into life along with the routine.

Karolina held back with the vocal for the first two runs, but gave two full-on renditions to round off the rehearsal. She looks beautiful on camera, her hair lightly tousled by the wind machine, and she gives a highly sensual and convincing performance. Cracking fireworks make sure the song ends on a big bang.

Press Conference

Following a short introduction Karolina got straight into answering questions from members of the world's media. Karolina was immediately asked about her participation in 2002 and it's differences from that year to this. 'Last time I was here it was just the one show, now there is the Semi as well. We all really want to go to the final. About the difference, I cannot say yet. We have only done two days here as yesterday was a day off. But there isn't a real Eurovision atmosphere at the moment. I think tomorrow will be the day we feel it though as the finalists arrive tomorrow'.

Attention then turned to the outfit worn in Estonia. Karolina told us that the top is now part of her own personal collection but the whereabouts of the skirt are unknown to her. Talk moved on to Karolina's career, having released 3 albums in the former Yugoslave republics (2 of which were made in several languages) this gave her the chance to appear at many festivals where she gained alot of fans with her performances, however, not enough time was available to go outside of the Balkan Islands to promote her Eurovision entry.

We will see on the 10th of May if the Former Yugoslave Republic of Macedonia can continue their trend of making it through the Semi's.

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