08. Vampires full of life: Switzerland rehearses UPD

by Steve Holyer 57 views

Switzerland's second rehearsal is smooth and polished, though the performers hold a little bit back for the next days. The show is impressive, spooky, and ends with a small start.

When DJ BoBo and the Swiss vampire team take the stage for the second reheasal they run through the the basic elements of their dance for warm up, and then the stage manager announces the beginning of the Swiss rehearsal.

Computer generated bats begin to fly through the stormy graveyard that the Helsinki stage has become. The graphics are well suited for the sexy, spooky camera work. The overhead views of the stage should impress – not just on this act – but on several others. The group on stage are now sporting their underground vampire club costumes – which complement the song's world.

On the first run through, the thought that comes to mind is how clean and tight the dance performance is. The controversial Vampire mannequins have moved forward and are much better integrated with the performers. It may appear to spectators in the hall, that DJ BoBo and his vampire friends are performing in a store front window full of old dummies, but it seems that the glimpses of dolls seen on the television screen will not look too out of place.

DJ BoBo stops the reheasal stuttering th-th-th-th into the mike after the music stops. He goofs around quickly with the spectators, then he group on stage works together as team to work out a problem, and they restart.

Unfortunately,the vocals aren't quite there on all the run-throughs, though it's also clear that the performers are saving their voices and holding back on the high notes. The dancers also hold back on the more complicated gymnastics. Switzerland nails the show, but hopefully they work on making the vocals as tight as the dance before next week.

The final rehearsal includes the light pyrotechnic effects (and full graveyard dry ice effects). Many of the vocal problems also disappear, though the vocalists continue to hold back prudently. Throughout the song remains fresh, and a little pyrotechnic surprise at the end will give viewers a small spooky movie fright in their seats.


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