Todomondo:We need money for pyros

by Aris kalimeris 115 views

Todomondo, the Romanian representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki, held some days ago a press conference during the Farewell party that took place in Bucharest.

During the press conference and before their departure to Helsinki, Todomondo declared that ” We listened to all the Eurovision entries and to be honest we have no fear. All the countries have very beautiful songs but we can make it through. We also have a very successful,well prepared group. Ouronly fear is if anyone of us gets ill in Helsinki because of the unsteady weather.”
The Romanian entrants are only wishing to rank in the first five positions otherwise, as they said: "They will hang us immediately after our arrival to Otopeni (Bucharest’s airport). It’s like football, when you win you are considered a god but if you lose just one time, they forgetall the times they cheered foryou.
After Luminita Anghel and Sistem were forbidden to use pyrotechnics on stage two years ago in Kiev cause the stage couldn’t support so much heat, Todomondo were thinking to use them at their show at last. The only problem is that they have to pay them.
As they declared to the press conference, “ Normally they have no problem if we use pyrotechnics on stage, but the only problem that remains to solve is if we can find the 5.000 euros for them. If we don’t find the money we won’t have pyrotechnics on stage. It’s simple. It’s expensive but it’s going to be great and spectacular on stage, maybe the most spectacular performance in this contest.”

The Romanian entrants will be having their first rehearsal on Monday, the 7th of May, between 19:50-20:30 local time followed by a press conference.

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