12. Drama for Denmark?

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One of the fan favourites for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, DQ arrivied on stage in Helsinki and was instantly recognisable – wearing the dress and headgear that took him to victory in Denmark at Melodi Grand Prix.

You can watch the Danish photo gallery here.

DQ enters the stage dressed in a black and silver dress with a long tail. He is wearing a pink head dress as seen in the Danish final. The silver crown with the crucifix on top was also well known for most, however it definitely came as a surprise what thefour dancers were doing. The song started out with being only two dancers which were then joined by two others who ripped the dress of him. This, however did not work very well, temporarily disrupting the microphoneand for the rest of the time he used the dress known from the Danish final.

The light settings and backgrounds changes through the song. For the verses the stage is black and red with no extra lights added. For the choruses a pink and blue background filled with extra light in a pink color was dominating.

The dancers which didn't succeed in pulling the dress of him ended the song by dancing around him with big feather clouds in white and pink.

For the last offive test-runs today, fireworks were added to the song and where many only seems to do it at the end Denmark had it twice: first just before the chorus kicks in first time and then again when it is repeated near the end.

Press conference:

Being a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest himself DQ really felt secure at the press conference were he was asked to answer several questions regarding how much a fan he is. Peter explained that he has been a fan since 1978, that he has all Danish as well as international finals on VHS and DVD.

The toughest question came when we was asked for his five favorite Eurovision songs and mentioned Germany 1982, Ukraine 2004, Greece 2005 and then the two Danish entries from 1989 and 1995.

DQ also revealed that this was the second time he was in Helsinki as he had previously been there dressed as the Disney figure Pluto which made him see the fun in the situation that last time he was in Helsinki as a dog and now he came back as a bird!

The problem with the dress was mentioned at the end of the press conference where the Danish representative admitted that they had indeed unexpected problems getting the dress of him. They have however not given up on that and expect to be trying again for second rehearsal in 2 days.

For those who would be thinking that Peter Andersen aka DQ is quite feminine he ended for today by saying that he does not shave his legs. Instead he use thick stockings to hide the hair – this because as he says “I want still to be just a little bit man”.

The DQ Press Conference:


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