Sweden in a spin on stage

by Benny Royston 94 views

Sweden's 2007 Eurovision Song Contest representatives, The Ark, have revealed more information about their stage act for Helsinki. They will not have the luxury of an overhead walkway or elevator that they used during their successful Melodifestivalen performance, but they have come up with some new ideas to aid their chances of victory in Finland.

Instead of the elevator that lead singer, Ola Salo, came down to stage level on during his Melodifestivalen performance of The worrying kind, he will be standing on a turning circular disk on stage. Combined with camera work from above, it will give a spinning effect, like watching a record turn, to the television viewers.

Ola has also revealed that the stage costumes will change slightly from the one's worn at the Globen Arena in March. Ola will be wearing a similar jacket, but the boa worn without a shirt will be longer this time and will come off a the end of what is promised to be an extravagant performance.

The Ark perform 12th in the Eurovision Song Contest final on 12th May after Carola led the country to 5th place in Athens and an automatic place in this year's final.

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