Countdown to Helsinki Starts for Bosnia-Herzegovina

by Sanel Hadziahmetovic-Jurida 90 views

As the final vocal rehearsals start at Sarajevo, Marija will be accompanied with 4 backing vocals and a guitarist on the stage. Marija's styling has also been finalised. The choreography will contain very little movement. With huge success of the Russian version of the song across Russia, oOptimism and great spirit prevail among the BH Eurosong 2007 team members.

The countdown to the Grand Finale of the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest has begun. Marija Šestić, the representative of Bosnia-Herzegovina in this year's Contest, opens the Grand Finale intwo weeks time, in what is Bosnia-Herzegovina's first running order first place.

As announced and reported earlier, Marija and her back vocals Dunja Galineo-Kajević, Jelena Majić, Danijela Večerinović and Marina Đurović, as well as the guitarist Aleksandar Sedlar-Bogoev met in Sarajevo yesterday, where the final rehearsals in the BHRT music studios have started.

The BH Eurosong 2007 team has now finalised both Marija's styling and the entire performance on the big evening. Dejan Kukrić, Head of the BH Eurosong 2007 Delegation reveals to local media that there can hardly be any talk of special choreography simply because there will be very little movement on the stage. ‘The rehearsals these days', adds Kukrić, ‘will therefore focus on the vocal performance.'

Verica Rakočević, Marija's stylist for the Finale has also created the styling for the entire seven days of Marija's stay in the Finnish capital.

The Bosnian team is full of optimism and excellent spirit. They are all deeply convinced that "Rijeka bez imena" will do very well in Helsinki. "We have just been informed that the Russian version of our song is one of the ‘hot tracks' on the largest Russian music site In addition to that, Rijeka bez imena" has reportedly, in the past 2 weeks only, been played on 27 various radio stations in Moscow and another 64 radio stations in the cities across Russia. This is believed to be a huge success given that the Russian audience is not familiar with Marija at all. They have only had the chance to listen to the song and not to see the video The reactions to our song are fantastic. It is very important that the vast number of potential televoters in Russia really like the song.", says Kukrić.

Although Marija's promotional tour abroad is now over, there is still great interest in Marija and "Rijeka bez imena", "Bezimyanaya reka" or "Never Wake Me Up" among foreign media. Marija is yet to take part in a number of radio and TV shows in Bosnia-Herzegovina and abroad.

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