Copenhagen 2014: First viewing figures revealed

by Stephane London 2,637 views

While waiting for an official worldwide number, some national broadcasters have already revealed the viewing figures of the 59th Eurovision Song contest. 2014 has also been a very successful year for the contest so far.

[Denmark] In the host country, Denmark, 2.4 million viewers watched the contest representing a staggering 89% of market share. It is the best figure for the contest since 2001 when Denmark last hosted the show.

[Sweden] Sanna Nielsen being a strong favourite, helped the contest to maintain its strong results from last year with 3.4 million viewers, representing 83.2%

[Norway] Norway had 1.4 people in front of the contest, representing 77.3% but with a decrease of 6.7 % from last year and favourite Margaret Berger.

[The Netherlands] The Common Linnets have managed to keep the figures high since Anouk’ success last year with 5.1 million people in front of their TV, representing 65% of market share.

[United Kingdom] An average 8.8 million people watched the contest on BBC1, peaking at 10.6 million during the results and 10.1 million to watch Molly’s performance. 41.9% of market shares (+1 million viewers from last year and the best result for the contest since 2011 when Blue flew the flag for the UK)

[Slovenia] A place in the final for Slovenia saw its figures doubles with 324K viewers, for 47% of the market shares, an increase of 17%.

[Portugal] Although Suzy failed to qualify for the final, finishing 11th, one point away from the qualification, 541 500 viewers were in front of the contest, representing 13.5%

[Spain] Despite a slight decrease of 200K viewers, the contest increased its viewing share by 2.1%, representing 35.2%.

[Greece] Although there’s been a 11.2% decrease in the market share, 2.1 million people watched the contest, still representing a strong 55.7%.

[France] The contest suffered another year against the final of entertainment show The Voice with 2.6 million people watching a show representing 13.6%.

[Italy] The whole Eurovision family is happy to have Italy back but RAI still struggled to meet high figures, only 1.7 million people watched the show representing 8.8% of viewers.

[Israel] The contest has more than doubled its viewing figures for both semi-Finals and the final despite Israel’s absence has significantly improved from last year.

Last and certainly not least:

[Austria] 1.3 million people saw Conchita’s victory, representing an increase of 900K and 54.4% of market shares. A huge success not only for Conchita but for the contest as well.

Stay tuned on for more information on the 59th Eurovision Song Contest

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