2007 Nordic Preview show – Part 1

by Charlotte Jensen 91 views

It is rare that you have one of the participants publicly judging all of the his competitors so esctoday.com is bringing you a full report of how Eirikur and the other experts judged the songs in the first round of the previews.


Adam Duvå Hall, Denmark: It is an interesting song and you don�t really have to know what the lyrics are about. It is directly stolen from Safri Duo though. 3 points.

Eirikur Hauksson, Iceland: Interesting song that works as a good intro to the whole show. 4 points.

Thomas Lundin, Finland: It is a good mix of something mysterious and mythological, modern pop and Bulgarian folk music. 3 points.

Charlotte Perrelli, Sweden: A good intro yes, but you keep expecting something to happen which just doesn�t happen. 3 points.

Per Sundnes, Norway: It is too simple and it has nothing to do with Eurovision Song Contest. 1 point, but only because she looks like Alanis Morisette.

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