FYR Macedonia: The Tijana Interview

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Our next stop takes us to the Balkans in our series of the 2014 Eurovision ESCToday.com Interviews, namely to FYR Macedonia.  We land in Scopje, where we catch up with the 2014 Macedonian Eurovision representative Tijana Dapcevic. She speaks to us about her forthcoming Eurovision participation, entry and herself.

How does it feel to be honored to represent your country at the Eurovision Song Contest?

It really feels great. I love my country, my people and I couldn’t be happier and more honored because of having a chance to represent FYR Macedonia in this contest. I will do my best to represent it in the best possible way.

How did you decide to enter the competition? Tell us the story about Tijana and the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

The Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) has offered me to be this year’s representative and I accepted the offer without any second thoughts. When I was little, I was watching the Eurovision with my mom every year and I’ve used to say: “I want to sing on that stage and I’m going to do so, some day. You’ll see.” So, this is like a dream came true.

You sister has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. Has she given you given any advice regarding the contest? Have you been to any Eurovision before?

Tamara told me just to be relaxed and positive as I always am. Just to be myself and have fun because that’s the best way to have a great time. I supported Tamara in 2008 in Belgrade, so let’s say I’ve had an ‘insight’ of what it looks like but you can never know the real feeling until you experience it on your own and I can’t wait to go.

You will be singing your Eurovision entry To the sky in the English. Why did you opt to sing in English instead of Macedonian?

To me, Macedonian is one of the most beautiful languages in the world but not many people in Europe understand it, though. We thought it would be better to go with the English version because we want the audience gets the message that To the Sky has.

What is the story behind To the Sky? How did this song come to you? Tell us the message behind the song? What message would you like to convey to you Europe through your song?

I’ve been offered many songs but I wasn’t quite satisfied with them so I didn’t chose any of those. I wanted a song which will be perfect for me. Darko Dimitrov and I have been collaborating for many years, he knows me very well, he knows my energy and I knew that only a good result could come out of that. Darko and Lazar did a great job. The song has energy and a beautiful message that if we come together – there’s no mountain we can’t climb. Love makes the dream come true. I am representing FYR Macedonia and To the sky is representing me, definitely.

Your Eurovision entry is an up-tempo song. Will you have a dance choreography or any special effects on stage during your Eurovision performance? How are you planning to stage your song in Copenhagen? Can you share with us more details regarding the staging?

There will be four people with me on the stage. Three backing vocals and a dancer. There won’t be many colors – everything will be in two (neutral) colors. That’s all I can tell because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

You will compete in the second semi -final of Eurovision. Have you heard any the other competing Eurovision entries? Which one is your favorite?

Of course, I have heard all of them but I’ll let the audience choose the favorite one because it wouldn’t be fair of me to favor anyone at this moment.

How are you planning to promote your Eurovision entry in Europe? Which countries are you going to visit? Where will your tour take you to?

I’ve visited Amsterdam and it was wonderful. I’ve met many great people and the audience has been singing the whole song with me. Everything was perfect. I’ll also visit Slovenia, Montenegro etc. I will go wherever I can, to meet the people who support me and my work because my fans are those who take me up to the sky.

We will be in Copenhagen in a fortnight from now rehearsing for Eurovision Song Contest. Are you excited? Do you feel the pressure?

I am happy, excited and frightened at the same time! I have a stage fright a bit but I know that as soon as I get on that stage – it will go away and I the party will begin.

Define yourself as an artist. What musical genre do you identify yourself with? Which artists have influenced your musical career?

I am a cello professor so the classical music is the one that has always inspired me but I also like jazz, blues, pop etc. Can’t pick out just one genre, really. I enjoy the music in its full sense. I’m a big fan of Ella Fitzgerald, Sting, Robbie Williams, Beyoncé etc.

What are your forthcoming plans after Eurovision?

One of the plans is to record another song and make new plans. I’m also planning a duet with my sister some time in the future. I will also continue acting in my theatrical plays because someone has to take the Oscar next year, right? 🙂

What message would you like to give to your European fans and our readers on Esctoday.com?

Believe in your dreams, chase them and if you are persistent – only the sky is the limit. Thank you so much for all the support! I love you, darlings!

We would like to thank Tijana Dapcevic, her management and MRT for this interview. We would like to wish Tijana and FYR Macedonia the best of luck at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

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