Switzerland: 49,000 signatures against “Satanic” song

by Steve Holyer 251 views

The Eidgenössisch-Demokratische Union (EDU) submitted their petition against the Swiss Eurovision Song Contest entry Vampires are alive this Tuesday. As previously reported by esctoday.com, the small political party, which holds only two seats on the federal level of the Swiss government, feels that the song's lyrics promote Satanism and the occult. The party gathered a total of 49,082 signatures over a two week period on their petition condemning the song.

Earlier another group, the Swiss Evangelical Alliance (SEA), sent letters to Swiss Television, DJ BoBo and Pascal Couchepin, the Swiss minister of Culture and Health, complaining that the lyrics in the song presented a danger to unstable youth who might take the song's themes too seriously. They felt the song could encourage thoughts of suicide with lyrics like "surrender your life".

The 49,000 signatures on the EDU petition represents only a tiny percentage of the total population of Switzerland where the song Vampires are alive entered the nation's singles chart at position #3. However the EDU still feel that they have the momentum to stop the song's performance. In fact they are concerned about the direction the entire song contest is taking. The party's secretary Thomas Feuz claimed, "The Finnish monster rockers Lordi … opened the door to the occult and satanism at the Eurovision Song Contest."

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