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The Russian version of this year's Bosnian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest is available for downloading at the official site of BHRT. Maria Sestic is currently working on the staging on the song in Helsinki while appearing in major TV shows in Bosnia, Serbia, Slovenia only to name a few.

The Russian lyrics have been penned by Nataša Jakovljeva Todorović, the Russian actress and poetess who lives in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Following you can find the lyrics as well. By following the link here you will be directed to the BHRT official site where the song is available to download. You will also find the song, the video clip and the lyrics in English as well.

Maria Sestic and her creative team are busy working on the details of Maria's stage appearance in Helsinki. Verica Rakocevic, the most famous designer in ex-Yugoslavia, has been recruited to create Maria's image on stage. We are promised "a pure- class performance" telling a fairy tale.
Maria will be visiting Zagreb next, where she will be a guest of HRT, and on Sunday 1 April she will be appearing on Spet doma, the most popular evening show of Slovenian TV. Afterwards she will be stopping at FYR Macedonia, Finland and on 20th April, Maria will be in St. Petersburg.

For our non Russian speaking readers we have attempted to transcribe the Russian lyrics in latin:

Moya bol
Bezymianoyu rekoy
Za toboyu

Smyla sledy voda
No siyaet mne
Putevodnaya zvezda

Den za dnem, za notchyu notch

Prohodyat bez tebya
Bol moya – reka bez beregov

Gde tvoj dalokyi pritchal?
Mozet, slyshish setchas
Moj ottchayanyi zov?

Nenagliadnyi moj,
Dragotsenyi moj,
Kak mne dokrytchatsa do tebya?
Pust sebe inoj
Davno ty vybrol put,
Tolko reku vzpiat ne nepavernut.

Nenagliadnyi moj,
Jesli by mogla,
Za taboj povsiudu b ja poshla!
I pust krytchit dusha
Ot boli, no moja lyubov ne umerla!…

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