Eurovision 2007: Final changes to the songs

by Aris kalimeris 242 views

Many changes are currently happening regarding the songs already chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 and the stage performances. These are the last moments for these changes and all the national broadcasters throughtout Europe are giving their best for the best performance of their entries.

Belarussian representative Dmytri Koldun will perform on stage as Koldun.

The Icelandic entry will be performed in English. The title of Eiríkur Hauksson's song will be Valentine Lost.

Kenan Doğulu's song title has changed slightly. Shake it up şekerim becomes Shake it up shekerim, to make sure that everyone outside Turkey knows how to pronounce the song title.

Frederik Ndoci will perform his song in English at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. The title of the song will be Hear my plea.

Salvem el món, this year's Andorran entry, will be performed in Catalan and English.

Russian broadcaster ChannelOne picked their entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest earlier this week. The group Serebro will represent the country with a dance song titled Song #1.

Sopho Khalvashi, Georgia's debute entry at the Eurovision Song Contest, will perform as Sopho. The song title My story has changed. She will sing Visionary Dream in the Semi-Final on 10th May.

The Bulgarian entry will take part in the upcoming contest under the title Water. As it looks now, the song will be performed in its original language but the artists have chosen for an accessible name.

The Netherlands
As announced earlier, but for the sake of clarity: Edsilia Rombley, who represents the Netherlands in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, will sing her song in English. The title of the song is On top of the world.

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