Denmark: Lyric change for Basim in Copenhagen!

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Danish broadcaster DR has confirmed that a slight change to the lyrics for Basim’s Cliche love song will be made to comply with EBU rules.

In the original version of Cliche love song, Basim sings the line “a fucking cliche, baby” during the chorus of the song. However, for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix final, in keeping with the family nature of the show, he had changed the lyrics to “another cliche, baby“. After taking the crown, there was a question as to what would be done for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

Today, Danish broadcaster DR confirmed that, to comply with the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest, Basim will change the lyrics to “a damn cliche, baby“.

There was also question about the use of Katy Perry’s name in one of the verses, and whether it would comply with the regulation prohibiting the use of brand names in the songs. EBU Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand has stated that since the name is not being used in a promotional way, nor is it being use throughout the song, the use of Katy Perry will be permitted.

You can view Basim’s performance of Cliche love song in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix final below.

Basim – Cliche love song

This isn’t the first time lyrics have been required to change as a result of the rules and regulations of the contest. Recently, Belorussian representative TEO announced that, to comply with the rules, the mention of Google Maps in his song Cheesecake will be changed to “all the maps”.

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