“I requested release of Ira's contract”

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The Maltese Eurovision scene is upside-down since a week. Cap Sounds, the German record company which has signed up all Maltese entries for the Eurovision Song Contest since 1996, released Ira Losco from her exclusive contract last week, after she complained that she was not being informed about plans for her future. After all, it appeared that the Maltese head of the delegation and chairman of the Malta Song for Europe committee requested the contract release.

Following Ira Losco's negative move towards her record company, Cap Sounds wrote an open letter to the second placed Eurovision star: “We release you from your exclusive contract with us and you are free, from today, to sign another contract”. it stated.

Three days after Ira Losco lost her contract, the 1998 Eurovision performed Chiara started complaining about the same record company. “The company had not honoured the majority of conditions in her contract, which included the production of a CD“, the Times of Malta wrote.

The record company reacted strongly against Chiara, who wished to be released from her contract after all. OGAE Malta expressed its solidarity with Ira Losco and Chiara. The Maltese Eurovision club also stated that “it is urged for the authorities, specifically the Malta Song for Europe committee, to put its foot down on this controversial Eurovision issue and to take the necessary steps in order to fully safeguard the singers' interests in the immediate and near future”.

Later today it appeared that Song for Europe organising committee chairman Charlò Bonnici said he was the one to have urged German record company Cap Sounds to release Ira Losco from her contract: “Ira was not dumped by Cap Sounds. I had written to Manfred Holz (managing director) asking him to release Ira seeing that we couldn't get anywhere”, Bonnici said.

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