Melodifesitvalen semi-final 4 rehearsals underway

by Matthias Mattsson 54 views

This morning arrived in an ice cold Gävle to cover the 4th semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2007. Seven acts have now had their first rehearsals in Läkerol Arena. Reherasals have gone very smoothly so far and the artists seem to have a great time on stage.

First out was this week's wildcard Magnus Uggla performing his song För Kung och Fosterland (For King and Country) a very typical Uggla song with a funny choreography to match it. It's an uptempo song with an simple lyrics that everyone can sing after listening to the song for one minute.

Then time for this weeks newcomer, the totaly unknown Emile Azar who will perform the song Vi hade nåt (We had something). This was a bit of a surprise since it sounded almost like Westlife. Emile sang very well, but he has to work on smiling for the camera.

Time for some hardcore schlager with Sanna Nielsen and the song Vågar du så vågar jag (If you dare, I dare. This was a very typical traditional Swedish schlage rsong with a strong chorous. Sanna Nielsen has one of the strongest voices in this contest (she was one of the possible choices to sing Invincible last year). She did a splendid performance and is one of the favourites at the bookies for taking one of the tickets to Globen.

After the harcore schlager it was time for Caroline af Ugglas to sing her own song Tror på dig (Believe in you). This is a song that we are not used to hearing in Melodifestivalen. Caroline has just released an album where she sings Janis Joplin songs, and she is described as a younger version of Janis Joplin. You could say that the song is a light version of a Joplin song. Caroline didn't sing very much because she is resting her voice due to a little cold.

Then there were a press conference with some photo opportunities. When this was over it was time for song number 5 by After Dark. The song is called Å när ni tar saken i egna händer this is a play with words since the meaning of this is masturbation. The song is very catchy and the refrain you know by heart after listening one time. The show is very funny with 4 tv-stars on video screens behind After Dark dancing and singing the song. This is the only real show number in this years contest.

After this rather special song it was time for a big ballad performed by an artist with a beutiful voice Sara Dawn Finer, singing the song I remember love the song. It is wonderful and Sarah has such a strong voice that we all were stunned.

Time for some dance music á la the 90's. Verona is singing the song La musica in Italian. It's very uptempo and she is did a good job, but this sort of song usually doesn't gs very far in Melodifestivalen. Anyway it's a catchy tune and you can dance the night away to it.

Last but not least the man who finished third last year in Globen. Andreas Johnson is back with a song called A little bit of love. This has a nice 60's pop feeling to it and Andreas is a master on stage: he gives it all and the audience will probably love him on Saturday night. Andreas is the big favourite for a ticket to Globen by the bookies.

Please have a look at some photos from todays rehearsals in the Galley Area.

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