Silvia protests to Parliament

by Benny Royston 153 views

In a bizarre spectacle outside the Icelandic Parliament in Reykjavik this evening, Silvia Night supporters plackarded the government about the broadcast of The Silvia Night Show starting at 21:00 Iceland time (22:00 CET). She and her fans claim that she was exploited and the show should be banned!

In leaflets handed out by her team, she claims:

"From the day I was born, people have tried to cash in on my blinding beauty and my multiple talents. Those people will stop at nothing in their attempts to have a piece of the pie, even if it means ruining my reputation as a really good person… All this is being done in the name of reality TV! I Silvia Night, tell you there is NOTHING real about this show at all! In the DVD I am distributing, I reveal how the producers of the show have distorted reality in order to assassinate my character… So I say to you, say no to the Silvia Night show! If you want to get to know the real me, check out my debut album next spring".

We finally caught up with Silvia Night after the demonstration. In our video interview which will contain exclusive video footage of the demonstration, she explains why she wants her show to be stopped, and talks about her Eurovision Song Contest experience. Silvia does this in her own special way of course, without even slapping either the interviewer or the cameraman!

Find out the reason that Silvia believes she did not qualify for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest final and who she blames! Find out about her new album. And of course, we asked Silvia if she will be returning to the Eurovision Song Contest again! All will be revealed in our video interview later this morning.

In the mean time, here's some of the exclusive footage from today's parliament demonstration:

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