Live: Irish national final

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The Irish national final is live and underway. The band Dervish is going to perform four songs and the winner will be chosen by televoting. A webcast of the show is available.

You can follow the live webcast here.

Here are the 4 songs:

  • "They can't stop the spring"' – written by John Waters and Tommy Moran.
  • "Walk with me" – written by Stig Lindell.
  • "The thought of you" – written by Matti Kallio.
  • "Until we meet again" – written by Malachi Cush, Pam Sheyne, Martin Sutton and Don Mescall


At the beginning, a choir is performing a classical version of Waterloo, which is quite different from the orginal version. Nevertheless, an ABBA cover follows on stage right after to sing the song in the well-known pop style.

Dervish are now introduced by the host of the night. They recceive a very warm applause by the audience. While the band goes off stage, three guests join on stage. Among them – like last year – the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest winner Linda Martin.

The thought of you – written by Matti Kallio

The stage turns into deep blue for the first song. A typical Irish ballad is performed. Listening to the song for the first time, there is no obvious hook. Especially towards the end, the song includes many high notes which also shows the Celtic influences.

Walk with me – written by Stig Lindell

Now the stage is red. The song isin a similar style as the first one but with a more catchy chorus – the key cange at the end is a typical Eurovision Song Contest feature. The vocal performance is very good, even a bit stronger than during the first song.

Until we meet again – written by Malachi Cush, Pam Sheyne, Martin Sutton and Don Mescall

It's a more lively song – a country-style entry that could have well been sung by Sheryl Crow. Nevertheless, the classical instruments leave an Irish touch which might be expected in the Eurovision Song Contest. The biggest applause by the audience so far.

They can't stop the spring – written by John Waters and Tommy Moran

A long flute intro that reminds of The voice. The song itself includes medieval elements and is more similar to the first and second entry. The lead singer takes her drum during the performance and joins the other bands members.

One of the guests now gets a negative reaction: He states that he actually doesn't reallylike the songs and that he thinks that they won't have a big chance in Helsinki referring to similar songs written by Brendan Graham.

The interval act of the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, which was co-hosted by Pat Kenny, is now played once again. Dana (National) is now on stage, performing her 1970 winning song All kinds of everything in a more mature version. Another winner is performed now: Eimear Quinn sings The voice once again.

While the 1976 winners present Save your kisses for me again, the winning song is about to be revealed.

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