Portugal: 6 performers and 4 songs known

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Information has finally started to pour in from Portugal. Six out of ten performers are known as well as four song titles. A ilha, É demais, Nas asas de um sonho and Ai de quem nunca cantou are the titles that have been announced so far.

As esctoday had already reported, the 10 producers invited to take part are as folllows:

Elvis VeiguinhaCoisas de nada ( Portugal 2006) and Na noite és Tu e eu ( Portuguese finalist 2006)
Emanuel – so called King of Pimba, a kind of Portuguese schlager
Fernando Martins – musician, TV host
João Barbosa – aka Lil John producer of the group Buraka Som Sistema
José Cid – Portugal 1980 ( Um grande, grande amor) and 1998 ( composer and member of Alma Lusa)
Luís Jardim – jury of the Portuguese version of Idols
Luís Oliveira Alma Nova and Durmo Com Pedras Na Cama (Portuguese finalists 2006 )
Nuno Carvalho – owner of NZ Productions that launched several famous pop groups in Portugal including the boys bands Anjos and Excesso
Nuno Feist
– known musician and once memberr of a duo with his well-knownbrother Henrique Feist
Ramon Galarza – produced As Minhas Guitarras and Nunca Mais Te Digo Adeus ( Portuguese finalists 2006 )

As far as the performers and song titles are concerned, the updated listis as follows:

  • Teresa Radamanto, who took part at the 1998 Festival da Canção, is the choice of Fernando Martins to sing Ai de quem nunca cantou (The one who sings it);
  • Marta Plantier is the choice of producer Luís Jardim;
  • Melo D , the portuguese rapper, and Elaisa chosen by João Barbosa;
  • Zé P. will peform José Cid's song titled A Ilha (The island);
  • Diogo T. will perform É demais (It's too much) composed and penned by Ramon Galarza; and
  • Henrique Feist & Vanessa will sing Nuno Feist's song, Nas asas de um sonho ( In the wings of a dream).

The show will take place at Sala Tejo of the Atlantic Arena on 10th March and is going to be hosted by Isabel Angelino and Jorge Gabriel, but there might be more hosts as it happened in last year's show.The winner will be selected enirely by televoting, which will last around 30 minutes.

Portugal is going to take part in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest semi final on 10th May in Helsinki, Finland.

A vey special thanks to Sonia Pinto for her contribution to the article.

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