Birthe Kjær back on the top

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Birthe Kjær is back on the top, her latest CD Lys i mørket which was released at the end of November 2006 has received a gold record for 25,000 sold records in just 6 weeks.

Though Birthe Kjær only managed to represent Denmark once in the Eurovision Song Contest she has however been a big part of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix for so many years that she is considered to be the“Danish Queen of Eurovision” and after suffering a thrombus in the heart in October 2005 she is back on the top having just received a gold record for her latest CD just six weeks after it was released.

Birthe Kjær had her Danish final debut in 1980 where she came 2nd with the duet Du og jeg (you and me). Mabel, who represented Denmark after its return to the contest in 1978 with Boom boom, wrote the song. In 1986 she was back with the song Vil du med? (Do you wanna come with me?) which became the start of a glorious Melodi Grand Prix career for her. Once again she finished second! Being so close to winning twice she of course had to continue and in 1987 her song was called Hva’ du ude på? (What are you up to?). Birthe Kjær was “unlucky” again as this song also came second! Three times in the Danish final – and all three times coming second! Birthe was now awarded with a new nickname; “The eternal second place”!

One wonders how Birthe Kjær found the spirit to try again two years later, but this time the curse seemed to have left her as she actually won the Danish final in 1989 with the song Vi maler byen rød (We paint the city red) and even pulled up a fantastic 3rd place at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Lausanne, Switzerland. Birthe had reached a big goal, but she gave it another go again in 1991 with the song Din musik – min musik (Your music – my music), which finished third in the Danish final, something she had never tried before. To date this is Birthe Kjær’s last participation in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix is however such a big part of Birthe’s life that even if she didn’t participate she could always host it. She had her debut as a host of the Danish final in 1990 together with Dario Campeotto, who represented Denmark in 1961 with the song Angelique. In 2001 she was oneof the 10 hosts! on the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. A special song had been written for the hosts to sing; En sang i mit hjerte (A song in my heart). It was mainly in Danish, but had a single verse in English which Johnny Logan sang.

In 2005 she was once again a part of the show as she sang her 1989 song in the middle of it and stayed on stage as a co-host for the rest of the show. She also performed a medley of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix songs that hadn’t won.

Birthe Kjær was planned to take part of the big Congratulations show to celebrate the 50 years birthday for the Eurovision Song Contest in October 2005. At that time Birthe was also a part of a TV show where celebrities have a professional dancing partner. Just a few days before the Congratulations show she collapsed after a dancing lesson and was immediately taken to hospital and operated. She had suffered from a thrombus in the heart. The operation saved her life, but it was still unsure if Birthe would be able to get back on stage. Tomas Thordarson who represented Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 with the song Shame on you stepped in for the show at the last moment and sang Vi maler byen rød. At that moment most people sent a thought to Birthe who was at the hospital fighting to remain strong.

Being the strong woman she is, Birthe Kjær got back on stage although she knew that she had to slow down a little bit. She quit smoking, focused on a healthier life and decided to take 3 months off every winter. Her latest album, Lys i mørket (Light in the dark) has now sold 25,000 copies in just six weeks proving that 58 year old Birthe is indeed backat the top.

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