Turkey: Kenan Dogulu optimistic

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Kenan Dogulu's Shake it up sekerim will be officially presented on 9th March. As it is natural, a great deal of speculation concerning the song has been going around the Eurovision fan base. The song remains a closely guarded secret but Kenan has spoken to the press about his feelings and his expectations.

After having composed nine songs, Kenan Dogulu presented them to TRT's selection committee. The committee, in cooperation with the artist, decided on the cheerful up-tempo Shake it up sekerim. Before his Uludag concert Kenan Dogulu answered the questions of the journalists and said he believes that he will return to Turkey victorious. The artist said that he believes in his song: "We were careful to choose the most comprehendible song which may have the biggest impact in three minutes. Between these nine songs there were compositions which might be interesting for my career. Still, our responsibility was to choose the best song, suitable for Eurovision". After a makeover by the artist Shake it up sekerim will be made public on 9th of March.

Support and Criticism
Kenan has received much support and a great deal of criticism because of the English lyrics of Shake it up sekerim. The artist stated that he was not angry at those who expressed criticism: "Everyone has the right to express themselves, because this is an issue which we are all involved with. I respect everyone's opinion and I have heard the admonitions I needed. The ideas we have are brilliant. I believe I have done my best. The work I have done until now has made me happy. Henceforth everything will be alright. This is a period for discipline."
One of the supporters of Kenan is the young Belgian singer Hadise, who won the TMF Awards last year in the category ‘Best National Urban Act'. According to some polls Hadise was also a favourite for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. "I like Kenan a lot and I do believe that he will achieve a good result for Turkey with Shake it up sekerim" the young singer said and added that she hopes to represent Turkey at the contest one day. The Turkish diva Sezen Aksu, whom Kenan visits when he needs advice, is a great source of support for him too.
The Eurovision Song Contest was a confusing dream for the artist: "I knew that I would receive the proposal one day. Turkey has been participating since 1975. I wanted it a lot but I just couldn't believe it when I received the proposal. It was difficult to make a decision and it was difficult to accept such a risk after just having released a great album in a very successful period of my career. " Kenan said and added "But I really wanted to take this step. It's not ideal to make a mistake and compose a song, especially if you know that you don't have much time. I have done my best. The coming days will be intensive for me. Hopefully this effort will be awarded with a sweet victory. TRT has been supporting me from the beginning. We have to show a perfect performance. If everyone gives their positive energy, we'll win. I want to thank to everyone who supports me: my colleagues, my fans and the media."
Kenan said that his preparations are going well and gave the message that he can come up with all kinds of surprises at the stage in Helsinki.

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