The Netherlands choose 'Nooit meer zonder jou'

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After two ballads, the third song from Edsilia looked to be going the same way as the first two, until… life burst into a television studio in the Netherlands. The disco beat jumped in, the audience jumped to their feet and Edisilia gave a performance that says that the Netherlands are fighting for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest! Edsilia wants to do better than her 4th place in 1998 and she thinks Nooit meer zonder jou will give her the best chance.

Tonight on Mooi! Weer het Nationaal Songfestival, Edsilia performed three songs. The first two, Meer dan ooit (More than ever) and Een keer meer dan jij (once more than you) were well performed ballads, nice, friendly but the audience seemed to be trying hard to provide sincere applause. The dutch wanted something catchy to return them to the Eurovision Song Contest final. Nooit meer zonder jou! A standing applause and cheering from the flag-waving audience, many of whom have waited a full 32 years since the last Dutch victory were overjoyed, clearly thinking that this song could restore the Dutch to their yesteryear results.

There was no televoting or jury in the Netherlands tonight. The choice of the song was Edsilia's and Edsilia's alone. It's her performance in Helsinki and she wanted the song that she can perform the best. Would she go with the public or risk a riot in the hall. Well, we speculated earlier that Nooit meer zonder jou could be the song, having been added to the new album to be released this week… and we were right!

Nooit meer zonder jou will be going to Helsinki and the Netherlands fans seem very happy indeed. Before the result was announced, Edsilia had to run backstage to change her top… a little short of time, she started the change on her way, ripping her top off before getting backstage! No-one minded, the audience are over-joyed with the choice!

UPDATE Edsilia : "I want to be the sunshine in Helsinki!"
Edsilia spoke to the press right after the end of the show and was there to bring you the latest update.

Edsilia said that she knew all along which of the three songs she was going to sing on the Hartwaal Arena stage but she just wanted to see the reaction of the live audience before taking the final step. She had received about 20 songs from various songwriters but her record label ruled that they were not Eurovision material. So she opted for three songs written by her husband Tjeerd Oosterhuis.

She is not sure yet whether she will sing in Dutch or English. There will be an English version prepared soon and she will make up her mind after it is completed. As for the staging of the song, Edsilia said that she is aiming for a great act, she now needs to approach the right people to help her with the choreography.

When asked about the outfit she is going to choose, Edsilia said that she is going to wear something designed by a friend of hers. Unlike in 1998, when the outfit was chosen by others, she now wantssomething she actually likes and feels comfortable in.

Her main goal is to give it the best she has and make it to the final. "I want to show Europe the passion and the fire in my soul" she said, " I want to be the sunshine in Helsinki".

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