Edsilia chooses tonight

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Tonight Edsilia Rombley will pick her song for Helsinki during a live broadcast of Mooi! Weer het Nationaal Songfestival. The Dutch representative will perform 3 songs and after that she will choose her song for this years Eurovision Song Contest.

All songs will be in Dutch tonight. However, this doesn't mean the song will be sung in Dutch in Helsinki as well. Edsilia will sing some songs from her new album, which will be released on Tuesday 13thFebruary.A few days agoa new song was added to the tracklist; Nooit meer zonder jou ('Never without you again). This song was written by Edsilia's husband, Tjeerd Oosterhuis, and Martin Gijzemijter. Edsilia's record company Universal Music describes it as a very catchy an up tempo song. The fact that the song was added at the very last moment might mean that this could become the entry for Helsinki, according to a lot of Dutch fans.

Less is known yet about the rest of the show tonight. However, it appears there will be a striptease on stage,because there's anitem called May we have your clothes please?. The show will start at 20.22 hours, broadcasted by channel NED 1.You can watch the show back right after the live broadcast via the following link (www.mooiweerdeleeuw.vara.nl)

LIVE LINK – click here


Edsilia sang her first song Meer dan ooit (More than ever). A slow, sentimental ballad with a distinctive Motown sound to it. Lovely song but hard to stand out in the Eurovision semi final. The crowd received it warmly enough. The Finnish ambassador, who is present as a guest star, said that the song sounded familiar to him although he hadn't heard it before. Edsilia laughed and said that this is a good thing.

Word has it that Lordi themselves will be performing in the show later on. For the second song now. One more ballad Een keer meer dan jij ( Once more than you).Another great ballad, but none of the two has been able to display the full range of Edsilia's vocal capacity.

Is that the one???? Song number three is powerful and uptempo. Nooit meer zonder zou, gets the crowd up and jumping. The Finnish ambassador says this song is a winner "It's got the backbeat you can't lose it" he quotes the Beach Boys (any old way you choose it, if you wanna dance with me).

We will soon know….

And yes, it's Lordi only a 100 years later. Great prank Paul!! A group of old timers performed HRH (or Hard Retirement House Hallelujah, as one of our visitors says), where is the Moldovan granny btw?

Former Dutch participants dragged in in cages now. There's Mrs Einstein, Ben Cramer, Bill van Dijk, Milly Scott, Maywood leadsinger Karen, Linda Wagenmakers, Justine Pelmelay and Glennis Grace.

And the winner is as expected song number 3 Nooit meer zonder jou!

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