Baltanas and Miguel Linde work together!

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Baltanas, one of the former candidates of Mision Eurovision was in Seville last week to work on the chorus of Tu voz se apagara along with its composer Miguel Lindes. Miguel and Baltanas worked together on the chorus for the new version of the song, one of the 5 entries competing to represent Spain in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Finland.

Miguel Linde has recorded a new version of his song Tu voz se apagara in order to adapt it to the singer that will present the song to the Spanish public on the 17th of February in the 6th Gala of Mision Eurovision where all the 5 competing entries will be introduced to the Spanish public along with their respective composers.

Baltanas, who has shot to fame since his participation in the 1st Gala of Mision Eurovision, was in Seville last week where he recorded the chorus of Miguel Linde's song Tu voz se apagara along with Miguel. Miguel and Baltanas have come to know each another thanks to Mision Eurovision. Miguel told esctoday.com that he is very happy with Baltanas and he hopes to work with him in future projects. Miguel went on to tell us that he's currently working on composing some songs for Baltanas. The composer of 'Tu Voz Se Apagara' was very satisfied with Baltanas's work and told us the the Cordoban artist has a great voice.

Tu voz se apagara is one of the 5 entries competing to represent Spain in the grandfinal of Mision Eurovision scheduledto be held in Madrid on the 24th of February. Mirela, NASH, Nazaret, Yanira Figueroa and Merche Llobera will be battling each another out in their quest to represent Spain on the same night with one of the 5 competing entries.

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